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Indrani Healing Arts

Healing for self Meditation

1. Sit in Easy Pose, massaging fingers until they tingle.

2. Place Hands in front of chest, palms facing each other and 6” apart. Meditate on the spine, picturing it as

a silver cord, white, and shining. Keep the hands stiff and the fingers straight and spread apart. Feel the

path of energy. Concentration will build the power of the mind. When the mind wanders, the hands cool.

Continue for up to 3-4 minutes.

3. Extend the arms out to the sides, parallel to the ground with the palms up. The center of the palms will

be charged with cosmic energy and inflow will be automatic. Concentrate on Hands contacting energy,

then concentrate on the part of the body that needs healing and direct energy there.

4. Relax. You can place your hands on the part f your body needing healing


Healing for Others Powerful Enough to Levitate

1. In meditation Pose place hands in Pranam Mudra (prayer Mudra with right Thumb crossed over

Left), fingertips at eye level, and base of thumbs at throat level, hands pointing up at 60 degrees.

Concentrate on the heart center and press the hands tightly together with the total weight of the body.

Concentrate energy for 4-5 minutes.

2. Think of someone you love and send him or her healing thoughts. It is divine medicine, physically,

mentally, and spiritually. Concentrate at least 10 minutes. (Once the channels are open, you can do it

to anyone, anytime.)

3. Inhale deeply, fill the chest/heart with love and project prana like thunderbolts. Exhale, inhale again,

and send this breath to that person. Inhale, feeling energy going through the hands to the person,

massaging/blessing him or her. Exhale, inhale, and be with that person totally, connected and one

with the Universal Mind. Exhale, inhale, several time

Meditation_ Long Ek ONG KAR (morning Call)

Psoture: Sit in easy pose or in a chair with your spine straight.

Focus: the eyes are closed and focused at the third-eye point.

Breath: all breathing is done through the nose. It is a two and a half cycle breath, the first two breaths very deep

and long, the half breath is shorter. The breath is further described below.

Mantra: take a deep breath and chant “Ek Ong Kar.” The Ek is very short; theOng and Kar are very long and

equal in length. Take a second eeep breath and chant “Sat Nam Siri.” The Sat is very short, like Ek. The Nam is

very long (like Ong and kar) with Siri just escaping your tongue with the last bit of breath. Take the short Half

Breath and Chant “Wa-Hey Guru.” Wahe and Gu are very short; Ru is long.

Pull in ton the navel point on the sacred syllables, “Ek,” “Sat” and “Wa”

Ek=One 1st Chakra

Ong=Creative, “I bow to the Creator.” 2nd Chakra

Kar=God is the doer, the initiator in the world of action. 3rd Chakra

Sat=Truth. 4th Chakra

Siri=Seeing Beyond the greatness; great. 6th Chakra

Wahe Guru=The indescribable joy of going from darkness to light. 7th Chakra

Pull in on the navel pint on the sacred syllables, Ek, Sat and Wa-. The mantra means there is one creative force whose true essence is

beyond description. See literal Translation Below: You might think about lighting up the chakras staring with the root/first Chakra

while chanting each syllable of the mantra. “Before sunrise, when the channels of energy are clearest, if this mantra is sung in

sweet harmony, you will be on with the Lord. This will open your solar plexus, charging the solar center, connecting it with

cosmic energy. You will be liberated from the cycles of karma that bind you to the earth. No tongue can tell how bright the

light of cosmic energy is, but when you recite this mantra daily, you will have this light within you.” Yogi Bhajan.

Comments: This meditation is a classic in Kundalini Yoga. It was one of the first meditations taught by Yogi Bhajan. The Best time to

practice this meditation is in the early hour of morning, before sunrise. This is when the channels of energy are clearest. This

meditation acts on the relationship between your individual soul and your universal soul.

You Choose.  I Choose.  This is a very deep guided meditation and represents everything I teach, and all that I seek and what I share because I am abundant.  


Create some quiet time to reflect, meditate, concentrate and/or center.  Meditation is the stilling of your mind.  Focus on your breath and dive deep into your inner Self.  

Below are some links to various guided meditations.  If you are unsure about meditation or how to do it, the guided meditations are a nice introduction.